alok enterprises

About Us

Alok Enterprises is established to provide Cost effective, integrated safety and automation solutions. With our integrated security solutions we make people and premises safer and more secure. Safety products solve the complex problems of today and anticipate future needs.

We are deal with all, whether it's CCTV System, Time Attendance and Access Control System, RFID Solutions, RFID Based Software etc.; we have the know-how, experience & right product mix to bring you the best solution available.

We also provide installation and maintenance services and support for all the products which we offer. We have a knowledgeable technical staff available to assist you as well as a host of other services, support and assessment programs for customers who require a higher level of assistance. Our competent engineers provide technical support, project design and specification, maintenance services & support to end users.

We are authorized dealer of CP Plus, Dahua, ESSL and many brands. We also have many Government and Non-government clients. Beyond this, our wide range of security systems provides multiple layers of Protection, helping to avoid incidents as well as mitigating the impact of an event to protect people and assets.

Our expansive knowhow and strict compliance with global management standards makes us a leading quality automation solution provider with extensive experience encompassing a vast range of industries.